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Dear people, let us together, right now in a minute with a special tool, open your third eye!  And if you think that this is just a book or just information, or text, then this is a profound mistake, and I want to show you this right away.  I have no mottos on life, but there are certain opportunities which are much more important!  So, take the Card in your hand (THE AUTOSENSER CARD (THE BR&R CARD) that is attached to the book for free), and in some cases THE TIME MANAGE CARD OF YOURS.  In any case, it is recommended to see the Light!  Yes, yes!  And right now!  Before you decide to undertake or not to undertake this material.  And it is precisely to see with your eyes closed, and thus come to the conclusion that this information is not a theory without practical or physical confirmation, but rather very provable!  And therefore, now you will see the Light, having previously your eyes closed for one or few minutes, as you wish :)

But first, rotating the disk of the Card for one minute clockwise and saying the affirmation (aloud or whispering) written on the Card itself:



After that, you will close your eyes, but will not interrupt the clockwise rotation of the Card's disk.

Without any tension, looking by your inner gaze, as it were, on a broadband screen in a movie theater before the movie began.  Suddenly, unexpectedly, a point, a ray of Light, also, possibly of different colors, appears: reddish green, bluish white, light, dark, light gray and so on.  I recommend you nevertheless note for yourself the first meeting with the Higher I-Self, having seen the ray and remembering the primary color of the ray (which will further explain the hierarchy to which you belong).  Next, the point of Light will begin to rotate.  And here it is very important to note one detail:

if rotation happens clockwise, you need this information and this book for further growth and development, and not only.  If you see a point rotating counterclockwise, I think you need to think carefully ... The system can also help you, both in healing and in your worldview, that is, in life.  But this will not be easy!  And you must be prepared for this. A choice is always the choice!  For those who have seen the point of Light, rotating clockwise, self-development, disclosure of consciousness and reprogramming will take place in easier stages for you. Next, the choice is yours.  A choice is always the choice!  This is perhaps all that I would like to point out and convey at the very beginning before everything starts!















The head corresponds to the thumb; its base is connected with the lungs and heart;  the forefinger and little finger correspond to the hands;  middle and nameless are used to affect the legs;  the part of the palm from the little finger is responsible for the digestive organs — the liver, stomach, and intestines.



Anesthesia is possible in 3 minutes using the tool BR&R Card or The time manage card of yours.  Without the use of medicines.  People do not go to hospitals and even pharmacies for more than 6 years.  I think now you understand why this information may not be uplifting for you, since it is not beneficial to many.  Do not judge :)


If the most important thing for you in life is money, then:



But, if for you in life the main thing is the spiritual component and it is

primary, and everything material is secondary, then :):

2. MY CARD LEADS ME TO PROSPERITY, JOY AND WEALTH!  But only with the difference that when we pronounce affirmation in the first case, we mean only material and physical, and when we pronounce affirmation in the second case, then "PROSPERITY" is meant in the sense of disclosure and development.

When we say "JOY" it means filling the Soul with Love.  When we say "WEALTH", it means to enrich a Spirit.  Everything else is usually already attached :) The first option is for those who do not want to wait and think that they have come to this Earth after something another.  The second is for those who have already been born more than once and know that everything material in the world is temporary, and everything spiritual is eternal.


I saw the challenges thrown by you all, well, I want to answer you the same.  To all of you - those who want to prove the opposite!  My "I" claims that mysticism is not an empty sound, this sound is full and even very :), of mystic!

I am not driven by interest or the Spirit of competition! But the opportunity to inform as many people as possible, if, of course, you are known enough, and through you it gives such an opportunity.  Don’t be offended, I just didn’t know anything about you :) As a matter of fact, I also think you didn't know about me as well :) so we are even!  Please be tuned with love, as I am to you.  Now about what I can offer to see and feel!  The possibilities are as follows: I will give the opportunity to a certain number of people individually and even simultaneously!  See the same picture with your eyes closed, not uttering a single sound (that is, not hypnosis!)  For example, I’ll go into the audience, say "hello", without making a single sound I will offer to close eyes with movements, after everything has been done, everyone can tell, perhaps as you like, either on paper or verbally, but so that others do not hear and could repeat after another.  Well, these are the details, and I think you know them better than me :), but this, as for the group.  For now, let's talk about personal, one-on-one, but you can do it all at once :) eyes will be closed for a while - 2-3 minutes maximum and, most likely, out of 10 people, 7 will definitely see the Light (I want to warn in advance, I immediately see the decoy, if you want to, try, I’ll determine for you, just be honest until the end) In a few minutes everyone will state what they saw, draw a picture — it'll be easier.  I can tell you what people will see in advance, that is the Light, a point of Light, everyone can see a point in their color scheme, namely: white, red, greenish, bluish and so on.  But that's not all.  In addition, the point of Light will perform certain movements, depending on the audience of course, but basically everyone will see the same movements, where and how the ray of Light will move.  Interesting?  This will be proof of that very mystical thing that everyone so wants to know and hear, at least in words.  Then, if you wish, I’m ready to provide a book and a tool as instructions for using this System.  Many will be able to free themselves from ailments of varying degrees, severity, and not only that.  To be free is to gain!

About money :) for the early I want to say that I can do it all for you without compensation :) and with it.  But the whole prize will go to print the book and the production of the instrument about which is described above.  And the proceeds from the sale will go to charitable foundations.  Of course approved by me!  And, yes, I completely forgot ... In order to pass the test I can show you all this right from here, that is, remotely :) if you are ready and not worried (otherwise the state of worry sometimes interferes with gaining Light ) but only the first minute :)  You know, though it’s been thought, even if one or two are decoys, and out of 10 people, five will see what I said, even with a different picture, this will already be a proof of what you are looking for, aren’t you? :) But I think that we can achieve much greater results if you are really interested in this and do not try to fix obstacles.  You understand me.  Once again, therefore, I repeat - there is no interest in money - if I take your prize, it’s only for printing a book and producing a tool that can help people free themselves and gain.

And so, if the proposal interests you, I look forward to hearing from you.  Regards to your efforts!

The Light Giver!

P.S.  The book has been published and exists, we have been practicing for more than 10 years :) The tool has helped many in the most difficult conditions.  There are medical documents, and people themselves are alive :) and are ready to confirm the effectiveness of the System.  For example, oncology of the thyroid gland after partial removal, the tumor returned.  This time, the woman coped, working on herself on the System, without help.

The child was supposed to die and today doctors do not believe that he is alive, the diagnosis is white kidneys.  Mother works on herself.

Wrinkles on the face are smoothed.

A finger chopped off accidentally was spliced after a diagnosis of necrosis, without the use of antibiotics and painkillers :)  Etc.  Everything is justified and can be explained from the perspective of the impact of the System on the human brain, as well as mysticism :) thanks for your time.  If you still decide, we are waiting for your answer.  We look forward to collaborating :)  Anesthesia is possible in 3 minutes with the help of the tool which is the BR&R Card or the Time manage Card of yours.  Without the use of medication.  People do not go to hospitals and even pharmacies for more than 6 years.  I think, now you understand why this information may not be uplifting for you since it is not beneficial to many.  Do not judge :)


EXERCISE INFINITY "EIGHT" ( REVIVE THE LIVING !) - THIS IS UNUSUAL!  AND INTERESTING! USEFUL!  And an intriguing-enchanting exercise, which is unusually useful for your whole body due to its massaging effect and, as a result effects by acupuncture to many organs and nerves of human body.

Everything you need to arrange a revolution in your brain in both hemispheres you are now holding in your hands, if you have in your hands not only the book “Rebrain Your Brain” :), but also the Card (from the Autosenser Card family).

So all you have to do is:

First: go to our website and see how this exercise is performed live, you can see the site on the cover of the book in the lower right corner, under the name of the author. And  now I will explain how this exercise is performed.

The thumb, which in turn corresponds to the brain, for example, makes clockwise movements, - rotates the Cards disk, which is in your hand.  The BR&R card must be held with one hand!  (unlike the BRR&R Card, which is created for using both hands at the same time).

The thumb of the right or left hand with which you are holding the Card (depending on whether you are left-handed or right-handed, the Card should be held in the leading hand for the initial exercises), for example, we rotate the Cards disk clockwise.  At the same time, by putting the index finger of the same hand from the back side to another disk of the Card, you make the index finger move in the opposite direction.  Thus, at the same time !, exactly, yes, exactly at the same time!  you are moving your thumb clockwise and your index finger counterclockwise.  After some time, you can change the direction of the fingers.  That is, with your thumb, rotate the top disc of the Card counterclockwise, and with the index clockwise.  Once again, a reminder: at the same time!

Because many people, making these movements alternately, (which is already a good achievement, take my word for it!), They revive their brain (revive the living!), Very good producing new neurons of the brain. But in reality, the Exercise infinity “Eight” can be considered mastered only after you absolutely quietly and with pleasure can rotate the Card disks at a decent speed for you and in pleasure, both in one or the other direction, both clockwise and counterclockwise  :), simultaneously with two fingers, occasionally changing the direction of the disks.

Ideally, a person needs to master the exercise infinity “Eight” with all fingers of both one hand and the other, that is, the thumb is always used with each other alternately (with the second finger, third, fourth and little finger), yes it’s possible, and it’s easy, and it gives tremendous results primarily in the field of lively thinking and getting free of ailments, bad habits, etc.!  That is, reviving, so to speak, a living (our brain) - we will definitely rejuvenate it due to the emergence of new neural connections.

Now I will explain “what” we are achieving, or it will be more correct to say, “due to what” we are trying to develop new neurons in the human brain, and not only: - the thumb corresponds to the head, its base is connected with the lungs and heart;  the forefinger and little finger correspond to the hands;  middle and ring-finger are used to affect the legs;  part of the palm from the little finger is responsible for the digestive organs - the liver, stomach and intestines.



Dear people, it tears the roof off, it's insanely smart.  It is indifferently happy, it is freedom in everything.  - This is a System of 7 Programs and a BR&R Card, there is also a B3R's Card and Indigo Card for children.  Opening 3rd eye in a few minutes.  Influence on the physical health of the body, on mental health, a beneficial effect on the mentality and worldview, and you do all of this yourself.  All that is needed is 30 minutes of your time of the whole day !, but divided into 3 sessions of 10 minutes, as it is convenient for anyone, you simply do not need more.  It’s hard to stop, I understand, but no longer necessary.  In some process, as experience has shown since 2008, some 11 years have passed, and people are released in the shortest possible time from such ailments as: vegetovascular dystonia and hypertension, and others, many considered to be incurable ailments.  Many took off their glasses and began to see well!  I do not say that everyone, I say that they are released, I do not say healing, I say "to be released" and this has nothing to do with medicine, because it is the Light.  This is the Light.  This is happiness !, this is the means by which you live and exist in Joy !, and not in suffering.  I don’t even want to say ... now for the first time I said something unpleasant as the word "suffering".


Few words about the System of 7 Programs: the main program is the Love Program, but the remaining 6 are fun-unhappy or unhappy-fun, as I call them - “6 psychopaths”.  But it's up to you, you look at how these funny "psychopaths" manifest themselves when you start influence on them, but influence on them not through the front door, but from the back door. When you go through the back door, look quietly  where, what is lying with you, in your own body and selectively press and squeeze this dark and let the Light go there.  This is how I can explain what it is to put in to practice the System of 7 Programs.  We live by it, not knowing this, and now we know - we all live according to the System of 7 Programs, and these are big/small secrets how to influence on these "6 psychopaths", their list is as follows:

a program of fear, a program of hate, a program of aggression, a program of offense, a program of pity, and a program of guilt.

Each of these programs includes subsections: the fear program is divided into a jealousy program, the fear of losing something, respectively, fear arises, etc.  The program of guilt (instead of the chakra of muladhara, the lowermost world), oddly enough, the program of addiction, of shyness, of alcohol addiction, smoking, all ailments, all addictions, complexes, everything turns out to be understandable and laid out on the shelves, but more on that later.  Now I would like to say that it is absolutely possible to achieve 100%, well, 99%, only your desire and aspiration are necessary, it is necessary to force your consciousness to desire healing, release.  But how to do it?  And this was what I lacked for 20 years, I did not understand - where is this anchor, where is this button, how to put this extreme seal, how to make our consciousness skip information that we need into the subconscious !  And not the desires of our consciousness, which are the priority of our consciousness, but not ours!  Not in the priority of our "Iself".  Not "I", but consciousness decided what I wanted until a certain point, in 2008 this have changed.  I have traveled a colossal path along with a large number of people who have enjoyed putting it (The System of 7 programs) into work on their own, I would like to test it, yes, putting into work the System of 7 Programs and these tools which are called the BR&R, B3R's, Indigo Cards — these are children, these are adults, these are people who have freed themselves  from complexes and phobias, and ailments.  These people, they are alive today, they don’t get sick, they don’t go to pharmacies, oh, you can’t even talk about it here.  How difficult, because you can’t talk about everything. I will try to tell you a lot without saying.  Close your eyes simply and take the Light, listen to what you will see now, closing your eyes, then do this and Light to you, dear people!  Love  Happiness!  And the opportunity to get to know the System of 7 Programs before everything starts, before it starts. 

Light to you!  


Universal affirmation to suspend all six negative programs through the System 7 Programs:


NO ! NO! NO !




NO ! NO ! NO !



NO ! NO ! NO !



NO ! NO ! NO !



NO ! NO ! NO !



NO ! NO ! NO !


It is necessary to work out each program, thus, it is possible to completely suspend negative programs for a certain time, than to also suspend vibration reduction, then it works with affirmations for the Love Program and vibrations increase, due to which, thus, a general increase in vibrations and the ability to hear  thoughts of your Higher ISelf, through communication with the Light, it is advisable to do such preparation for communication, which is described above, each time before a serious dialogue.  If you need to communicate with your Higher I-Self in an emergency mode, you can simply close your eyes and go out into the Light.  Affirmation to increase vibrations, for the Love Program:


It is very important to explain to yourself, to your consciousness, that when such affirmation is pronounced, then when you pronounce the phrase “I LOVE MYSELF”, we are talking about Love not only to love self as a physical body, but primarily as spiritualized, as well as to the Soul.  When it comes to the first part of the affirmation “MY CARD LEADS ME TO PROSPERITY, JOY AND WEALTH!”, This is primarily about Spiritual wealth in the World of Light and Prosperity as the development and disclosure of oneself for Light and Light for oneself.  That is, as the opening of the Light for yourself and the opening of yourself for the Light.  Summing up the above, in order to facilitate understanding of what is being discussed in this case, in short, before conscious meditation, before the "ABSOLUTE" - this is what we call communication with the Light, the occupation of the "ABSOLUTE".

This, as you know, dear people, also includes ABSOLUTE physical charging, which is not based on physical exercises, but on the contrary, an absolutely relaxed state is welcomed and the transfer, as if of your subconscious, bypassing your consciousness, into the "hands" of Light.  When, nevertheless, it is a dialogue with the Light, then this is called Conscious Meditation.  Conscious, because our consciousness is used, of course, for the moment of asking questions and the processing of answers received from the Light.  But consciousness in this case is used already as a tool for transmitting information, and not as a primary source that generates questions for dialogue, that is, consciousness does not lead us in this dialogue, but the dialogue develops in a completely different way.  The Light itself, through the subconscious, provokes in us certain questions that need to be asked by our consciousness when turning to the Light, so that our consciousness receives the necessary information to understand the situation in which the consciousness is at the moment, namely to realize the fact itself that the very initiative of raising questions does not come from it ( the consciousness), but from the Light which is already puts consciousness in the necessary position for the ordinary receipt and transmission of information.  Thus, consciousness is not at the given moment an object generating questions and analyzing answers.  Due to which it is not brought to the fore and does not occupy a dominant position in the dialogue.

In this case In the dialogue involved primarily the Light which  is your Higher Self, which manipulates consciousness through the subconscious, namely through the visual channel and brain activity.  Thus, consciousness is already a secondary object, and not the primary one that performs all manipulations, and is not an initiative object on which the whole dialogue depends and proceeds.

Returning to the suspension of 6 negative programs and, accordingly, stopping the process of reducing vibrations, and then, proceeding to the action of increasing vibrations and “unwinding” the Love program. It should be recalled that the longer the BR&R or B3R's Card is put into work then the stronger the result will take place and the easier it will be to reach the goal.

It is recommended to use each affirmation on each program, putting into work each program for 1 minute, but, increasing vibrationd for the Love program, it is necessary to increase the duration of the session to 3-5 minutes (or optional).

In principle, the classic variant of putting into work the BR&R and the B3R's Cards is described here.  And sessions exercise.  The universal method is indicated here, and universal affirmations that are suitable for absolutely everyone to suspend negative programs and to launch and build up the Love Program for which you instantly in minutes and blissfully and sometimes even in the process of working with the Cards, can already feel the improvement, as in the mental  and physical condition.  The following information is indicated here with extreme caution.  It would be preferable, of course, to see than to hear about how to use the System, namely the BR&R Card, in this case because any rotation of the Card counterclockwise must be treated with 100% caution.  It is not for nothing that the direction of movement is drawn on the Cards being put into work.  Categorically!  It is impossible!  To confuse these sides and pronounce affirmations intended for the chakra side on the program side and vice versa!  Strongly impossible!  To speak affirmations intended for the program side of the Cards, using the chakra side of the Card. Thus, starting to pronounce an affirmation intended for one of six negative programs make sure that you are on the program side of the Card and rotate in the indicated direction, that is, counterclockwise!

Now, specific recommendations on intonation, on rotation speed, on body movements, as well as on the time of working with the program side of the BR&R Card side.

Before all this information will be voiced, yes, it’s not in vain that the word “voiced” is used, since still I would like you, dear people, to visually see on our website how to work with the program side of the Card, as the matter of fact with Chakras side. But it is the program side that causes special attention.

What to look for when putting the BR&R Card into work on the program side:

1. The intonation of the pronunciation of affirmation sounds the same as on the chakra side - not inquiring!, But always affirmative!  In sound mode from the highest pitch of the voice to the lowest.  That is, the onset of affirmation is carried out in a slightly elevated tone, unusual for you, and the utterance of the affirmation ends with a maximum lowered voice, also unusual for you.

2. The speed of utterance of affirmations must also be taken into account.  The beginning of affirmation is voiced at a normal speed, but towards the end of affirmation, words, up to the last letters, are need to be slowed down and are pronounced very slowly on exhalation.  Attention!  Any affirmation is always pronounced on exhalation!  And always pronounced from highest pitch to lowest (in a voice mode).  That is, it starts with a raised tone of voice (which you do not use in ordinary life) and ends with a deeply low tone (which you also do not use in ordinary life).

3. Working with affirmation on the program side of the Card for more than three minutes does not make sense for several reasons:

1) you do not have enough energy to pump all 6 programs,

2) it is also quite possible that you will put yourself in a state of breakdown and you will not be able to reach the elaboration of the Program of Love, so your session will be incomplete and stopped halfway.  From which it becomes clear that it is very important to end the session by pumping and building up the Love Program!

Thus, being already experienced putting into work the System of 7 Programs, for some time you will only need three or four times to pronounce affirmations for each program, which means that in general a minute and a half will be spent on this process on a general session on the suspension of negative programs and you yourself can put yourself in order in a stressful situation or some other, arising, unfavorable for you.  And then, pronouncing affirmation on the Love Program, on the chakra side, and the Love Program, ATTENTION! does not have two sides in the form of program and chakra, both sides of the BR&R Love Program Card are chakra, both affirmations on both sides are used only clockwise and, naturally, do not have counterclockwise rotation.  It is very important to remember this!



The highest level of conscious meditation when working with the BR&R Card (Autosenser Card) at the final, highest stage of conscious meditation should include the ability to rotate the card disk at the desired speed (such as on the program side), slowing down rotation of the disk, pronouncing affirmation with the correct intonation  , also slowing down the speed, or vice versa increasing it, depending on the need and with the necessary breathing! 

All these seemingly complex, but in fact automatic manipulations with one’s own consciousness and subconscious mind are achieved in a rather short time and become absolutely simple conditions to perform and instantly enter conscious meditation.  So, precisely, this process at this level can already be called conscious meditation.

D e f i n i t i o n   of what conscious meditation is in System of  7 Programs:

Conscious meditation is the ability to do all of the above said and at the same time visualize the quality visualizations necessary for reprogramming your subconscious, as well as your consciousness

An explanation of how the long-awaited and so easily achievable reprogramming of our consciousness and subconscious mind is, as it turned out.  All of the above actions, such as: a constant look at the card disk, its constant rotation with decelerations or accelerations, correct breathing, as well as the intonationally correct sound of phrases and affirmations, leads all the receptors of our body and excites brain neurons to the maximum possible level, provided that  person is in absolute peace, that is, should not perform some relaxing exercise, or physical exercise, or is in a stationary state, as is usual in the classical school of meditation. It should also be noted that the first two conditions (relaxing exercises and physical exercises) also contribute in many cultures to entering a meditative state, such as shamanism, voodoo, etc.

Thus, all these cultures pursue the goal to which we come easily and simply, not moving from a place, but at the same time making movements only with the fingers. (by the way the famous Mudras are also done by the fingers of both hands)  Without exposing yourself to sound effects, but pronouncing the words we need.  Not listening to certain frequencies and music, but listening to own intonation. And again, not moving, but moving fingers.  All this is called motion in peace, or peace in motion.  This is a section of System of 7 Programs that explains a slightly mystical focus on goal achievement when using the King and Queen Cards.

Now, in order to explain from the point of view of psychotherapy and other sciences, I would explain the attainability of the result, doing this technique by the fact that our consciousness, which usually tries to distract us from any business, does not give us a second of rest, in other words, dictates to us its views on life, worldview, based on the experience that has been deposited in our subconscious, so in this moment it does not have the ability to do all this and manage us for the time that we are in conscious meditation. That is why people who decide to engage in meditative practices experience enormous difficulties, and as soon as they try to enter a calm state, they are practically unable to achieve it for the main reason that has just been said. And then, such people are forced to turn to other cultures and their possibilities, such as: shamanism, voodoo and other areas of the esoteric plan. Having the opportunity to touch this technique, there is no such need, and each person can become the master of their life.  We become masters of our life only when we control our thoughts, and when our thoughts coincide with our experience, that is, the opportunity to realize them.  In other words, bringing your consciousness into a certain altered state and thereby opening the path to the subconscious, distracting them with all the manipulations mentioned above and the main tool for reprogramming and re-recording our vital attitudes and life programs is the word ("In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.")  Now, probably, it becomes clear why this System also received such a definition: BRR&R (B3R's) Method (Brain Reconstruction, reprogramming and re-recording method). Our word is by what we achieve our goals, the results we need, and the body is what helps us in distracting and reprogramming our consciousness and subconscious.

It is the language, the ability of a person to speak in the right volume and transmit thoughts correctly from his consciousness to his subconscious, that is, from himself to himself! And distinguishes us from animals. Thus, a person can be called a person in the full extent of this sense, who is able to control himself, and therefore control his programs and therefore be the master of his life. And only then can be considered a manifestor of one's own will, when, as mentioned above, he is not a slave in any sense of the word! But only a human.  Apparently, once created in the likeness of God, and as it is customary to quote, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." And the results achieved, by using the System of 7 Programs prove this truth as well. Brain reconstruction, reprogramming and re-recording method was a definition that was not chosen in vain, but we looked a little further, dived a little deeper and studies showed that there was still a Thought before the words. And, probably, this is the most secret thing that is not customary to think about. But this is also the very secret that has always attracted and will attract interested researchers, with the only difference being that some are theorists, while others, as in this case, according to the System of 7 Programs are also practices! Use the System of 7 Programs and Autosenser Cards !, because only this gives us the opportunity to experience the full depth of conscious meditation with the help of Autosenser Cards.