The highest level of conscious meditation when working with the BR&R Card (Autosenser Card) at the final, highest stage of conscious meditation should include the ability to rotate the card disk at the desired speed (such as on the program side), slowing down rotation of the disk, pronouncing affirmation with the correct intonation  , also slowing down the speed, or vice versa increasing it, depending on the need and with the necessary breathing! 

All these seemingly complex, but in fact automatic manipulations with one’s own consciousness and subconscious mind are achieved in a rather short time and become absolutely simple conditions to perform and instantly enter conscious meditation.  So, precisely, this process at this level can already be called conscious meditation.

D e f i n i t i o n   of what conscious meditation is in System of  7 Programs:

Conscious meditation is the ability to do all of the above said and at the same time visualize the quality visualizations necessary for reprogramming your subconscious, as well as your consciousness

An explanation of how the long-awaited and so easily achievable reprogramming of our consciousness and subconscious mind is, as it turned out.  All of the above actions, such as: a constant look at the card disk, its constant rotation with decelerations or accelerations, correct breathing, as well as the intonationally correct sound of phrases and affirmations, leads all the receptors of our body and excites brain neurons to the maximum possible level, provided that  person is in absolute peace, that is, should not perform some relaxing exercise, or physical exercise, or is in a stationary state, as is usual in the classical school of meditation. It should also be noted that the first two conditions (relaxing exercises and physical exercises) also contribute in many cultures to entering a meditative state, such as shamanism, voodoo, etc.

Thus, all these cultures pursue the goal to which we come easily and simply, not moving from a place, but at the same time making movements only with the fingers. (by the way the famous Mudras are also done by the fingers of both hands)  Without exposing yourself to sound effects, but pronouncing the words we need.  Not listening to certain frequencies and music, but listening to own intonation. And again, not moving, but moving fingers.  All this is called motion in peace, or peace in motion.  This is a section of System of 7 Programs that explains a slightly mystical focus on goal achievement when using the King and Queen Cards.

Now, in order to explain from the point of view of psychotherapy and other sciences, I would explain the attainability of the result, doing this technique by the fact that our consciousness, which usually tries to distract us from any business, does not give us a second of rest, in other words, dictates to us its views on life, worldview, based on the experience that has been deposited in our subconscious, so in this moment it does not have the ability to do all this and manage us for the time that we are in conscious meditation. That is why people who decide to engage in meditative practices experience enormous difficulties, and as soon as they try to enter a calm state, they are practically unable to achieve it for the main reason that has just been said. And then, such people are forced to turn to other cultures and their possibilities, such as: shamanism, voodoo and other areas of the esoteric plan. Having the opportunity to touch this technique, there is no such need, and each person can become the master of their life.  We become masters of our life only when we control our thoughts, and when our thoughts coincide with our experience, that is, the opportunity to realize them.  In other words, bringing your consciousness into a certain altered state and thereby opening the path to the subconscious, distracting them with all the manipulations mentioned above and the main tool for reprogramming and re-recording our vital attitudes and life programs is the word ("In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.")  Now, probably, it becomes clear why this System also received such a definition: BRR&R (B3R's) Method (Brain Reconstruction, reprogramming and re-recording method). Our word is by what we achieve our goals, the results we need, and the body is what helps us in distracting and reprogramming our consciousness and subconscious.

It is the language, the ability of a person to speak in the right volume and transmit thoughts correctly from his consciousness to his subconscious, that is, from himself to himself! And distinguishes us from animals. Thus, a person can be called a person in the full extent of this sense, who is able to control himself, and therefore control his programs and therefore be the master of his life. And only then can be considered a manifestor of one's own will, when, as mentioned above, he is not a slave in any sense of the word! But only a human.  Apparently, once created in the likeness of God, and as it is customary to quote, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." And the results achieved, by using the System of 7 Programs prove this truth as well. Brain reconstruction, reprogramming and re-recording method was a definition that was not chosen in vain, but we looked a little further, dived a little deeper and studies showed that there was still a Thought before the words. And, probably, this is the most secret thing that is not customary to think about. But this is also the very secret that has always attracted and will attract interested researchers, with the only difference being that some are theorists, while others, as in this case, according to the System of 7 Programs are also practices! Use the System of 7 Programs and Autosenser Cards !, because only this gives us the opportunity to experience the full depth of conscious meditation with the help of Autosenser Cards.